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OUR DAYS is committed to 

making the present moment in relationships and environments, ever-lasting. 


Jessica Eileen Drogosz is a lifestyle family and wedding photographer living in Chicago. For the past six years Jessica has been photographing families and couples through out the US.

She seeks to create photographs that speak to the universal truths of relationships. She is interested in the personality of space and its impact on who we are as well as how our personalities and expression create and influence the spaces we inhabit. 

Jessica received her Bachelors Degree in Photography from Columbia College Chicago and her Masters of Art Education from DePaul University.

Jessica is also the founder of a non-profit Sa Voix and has spent the last two years living and working in Port Au Prince, Haiti alongside of a collective of young women. Sa Voix is a social business that employs and educates Haitian women through a unique and creative women's accessory line.