something really special happened while jessica stayed with us in our home, and while i’m probably going to be swirling in these thoughts for a long time to come, i can say that what i took away from our time together the most, was being given, maybe for the first time, this kind of permission to just be who we are as a family. there was no wondering if it looked good or if we were doing things right. it was a freeing, comfortable and unique experience to say the very least.

she asked about and found all of the light i love most, she gently and quietly guided us into moments rather than poses which made it feel incredibly genuine because it was clear that it wasn’t about pretty photographs, it was about us having photos of our beautifully ordinary and regular day having a spotlight to shine when we’re no longer around to tell all the stories.

it was simply a gift that i’ll cherish forever. 

First off, you are a rock star. You came to our house and were so at ease with us and our kids. Even though they'd never met you before, when you left they were asking 'where's auntie Jessica?' They seriously had so much fun with you. At first when you asked if we'd be willing to do photos in our house, we were thinking no way. But we decided to just let you do your thing as an artist. From one artist to another, I realize that if you're willing to trust the artists vision and just go with it, it'll usually turn out amazing. 

The photoshoot was so much fun. When we were done, Christi and i were talking about how the photoshoot experience alone was so nice and refreshing, and good for us. To just take a few hours to just focus completely on being a family and playing with and loving on our kids and each other. Even if there were no pictures to see in the end, it would have been worth it and I'd still be saying thank you to you. 

And the pictures, so brilliant. So real and raw and intimate. Looking at the pictures felt like looking at memories. And it felt like looking at a visual representation of the feeling of our family. It's crazy. The photo of the 4 of us all just lounging in our bedroom - that one might be my favorite. Because it feels to utterly like life. It's us. You look at the picture and you forget that there's actually a photographer in the room taking photos, because the picture feels so raw and intimate, like you snuck in and captured moments that we usually wouldn't invite others to be a part of. Because of that, I know these photos will be something we will always treasure, as a memory of this season of our life. Being young and married with our two amazing kids. I love that it's not posed. You just allowed us to be at home and go about our life. And you made it look so beautiful. Seriously. The photos are so stunning. The colors, the composition, the light, and even your choices in deciding what to capture. Amazing. The photos are pieces of art. Each one i want to send to our family and put online for all our friends, because it's just so nice to be able to share life with people. And these photos feel more like the beauty of our real life and our family than anything else we could ever convey. These photos, i think, are going to be the photos we keep around forever. And the images from these photos are going to be what shapes our memory when we look back on this time in our life. Thank you SO SO SO much for giving us this gift. 

“After you left our house, Lila I sat talking about how much we loved you.  And Lila was asking when she would see you again. I felt the same way, if only you lived in Austin and had a baby we could have play dates. But I also wondered if you had been able to get a good picture... My usually always happy babe was kind of fussy, we had a big play date the day before and I had given up on cleaning half way. You say not to prepare so I used that as my excuse. I left my daughters cardboard box "castle" as is.  I hoped it was good enough for the photographer's eye.

The moment you walked in my worries went away.  Your energy is calm and sweet and I was excited you was going to capture our daily mess.

No hair brushing... no new outfits... No drive to the studio... No stressed mommy...   Lila is sometimes shy but became your friend instantly and I am a little shy too, but felt like we could be friends.   When you sent over the first picture... Happy little years ran down my face.  There was my daughter, the way I see her everyday. A picture I can look at in 100 years (I hope) and instantly go back to the sweet tiny beautiful 3 year old girl who I love so much.  Then shortly after the link came in that I haven't stopped looking at since.  Not only did you get a "good picture" you captured my life, my love, on film. You have a  talent is in every image, they are so beautiful and each tell a story.   I feel like I can look at every picture over and over and always feel and see something new.  And I know that I will enjoy these pictures my entire life and be able to look at them and be transported back to that day, back to that time on my life, and feel it and be there again.  

Thank you for this gift, it is priceless and timeless and I am so thankful to have such a treasure.”

Every conversation seems to somehow lead back to how we trust your vision: the way you see things, people, emotions, celebrations, everyday life... everything. Your vision is unique. It's real. It's honest. It's beautiful. It's positive and it's so so inspiring. And that is what attracted us to you and your work. It's what made you stand out from all the others. 

You have this almost unexplainable ability to see beauty in things that other people dont; not just through the camera, but in other people as human beings. From our intial meeting on, Dan and I both felt like you were able to see the best in us as couple and also as individuals, and that made us feel comfortable with you. More importantly, it made us feel confident that you would be able deliever exactly what we were looking for from our photographer. We felt like you could see through all the nerves to the real Dan and Megan and you appreciated us for who were were and just wanted to be able capture the reality of that for us.

We trust your vision and in turn, trust you as a person and have no doubt that anything you create for us (or any client) will be cherished for a lifetime. 

A love note. It's just that. We love Jessica not only for her very beautiful talent, but for her ease while shooting, her cheerful yet calm demeanor and pure, lovely heart. 

She's been photographing our family since the beginning when I was pregnant with our first in 2013. She's photographed me pregnant, then chasing a 1 year old, then nursing my newborn while chasing a 2 year old, snuggling a 1 year old, while chasing a 3 year old, rolling in the grass with a 2 year old while chasing a 4 year old and lastly, giggling with a 3 year old while dealing with a surly 5 year old. She's captured so many important stages of our life so perfectly. Our beautiful chaos at home and all around Chicago. 

Her photos are real and so very special and now that we've moved out of state, we will return every year to have her capture more moments. 

I cherish our photos as much as I cherish her. She is truly the best. 

To be honest, we started off our morning frazzled and running late in order to "get ready" for pictures. Jessica arrived and her presence alone puts you at ease. Her natural calm gives everyone around her the permission to relax. I no longer needed to "get ready" for pictures, but instead just went along with our morning. It felt more like a hang out with a dear family friend. I'm SO thankful for our time together and the moments she captured. I love that they are honest, natural, and reflect exactly where we are in this sweet and chaotic moment of life. Typically I always put off getting pictures taken, always thinking later there will be a better time. I am so thankful for Jessica and her sharing her talent with our family. We now have pictures we will cherish forever. There really is no better time than the present.